The lost art of the Rave Flyer

Oct 8, 2018

"Got any flyers mate?"

Back in the mid 90's, before mobile phones and social media, at least one Saturday in every month I joined the scores of other lads my age on the hunt for new additions to my flyer collection. You could almost see the disappointment in the eyes of clothing store owners when you'd ask the dreaded question.
Of course to us they wouldn't go to waste, they'd make up part of a huge wall display that would cover the whole room whilst also hiding some cringy bordered wallpaper in need of an upgrade.
These days, the 90's bedroom has become something of a iconic retro image that more often than not would also feature turntables, tape decks and classic computer consoles.
It almost signifies the end stages of an out-phasing of the analogue world. Eventually, new digital creations would gradually push out and in some cases almost completely eradicate this now primitive analogue reality. Fast forward to modern day and hardware products for advertisement purposes are often a rarity and our visual world is pushed upon us from the many screens we own.
With this we have seen a rapid decline and lack of demand for collectible, physical art and with printed products in particular. We've seen the almost death of posters, record sleeve/album art and of course...the flyer!  Sure, of late we have seen a mini-surge in people buying records but I feel that for some, this is something of a last grasp at our analogue past and for the rest is just a retro fad.

Don't get me wrong, we love the digital world. However my inner hoarder sometimes wishes I would've stored away all the flyers I'd collected just as I did with tapes and vinyl. I don't plan on scouring EBay for vintage flyers anytime soon, so until the day I do I'll have to settle with nostalgic imagery supplied by our new digital overlords. 

Still got heaps of flyers? PM or tag us via our social media channels.

We'd love to see and share them.


Classic 90's Bedroom

 Flyers floor to ceiling 1990's

90's club flyer decor

rave flyers

the art of the rave flyer

famous dreamscape flyer early 90's

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