About Us

Double Good Garments was born out of nostalgic love.


We set out to create the garments that we wanted to wear but couldn't source, and with them, we'll take you on a trip in fabric through the history of electronic dance music straight into the modern day. 


Our focus is to produce unique and quality goods for those that share our passion. Hardwearing, durable and rugged enough to wear to pubs, clubs, raves and festivals but still sharp enough for the streets.


Our products are always designed with energy and pride and we never create anything that we won't use or wear ourselves.


Inspired by snare drums and pulsating beats,
Disused warehouses on gritty tough streets,
Squelching basslines, whistles and horns,
Illegal substances and dancing 'til dawn,
Crate digging on saturdays after grafting all week,
What's your name, mate?, where you from?..sweet!,
Balearic sunsets and uplifting sounds,
Not in with the masses but still part of the crowd,
Open air raves and white label tracks,
808 cowbells or that 909 crash,
This is our scene, our passion, our love,
You won't forget us, we are Double Good.