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Sep 20, 2018

Inspired by Nostalgic Love. Double Good is the brainchild of two Northern grafters with a deep seeded passion for electronic dance music. After over a decade of working together on various clothing and design projects, we felt it was time to put our heads together and work on something we were both passionate about. Having both lived the lifestyle throughout different decades, we've merged memories and ideas to create the clothing we just couldn't source. Sometimes loud but always rugged and durable garments that can withstand a weekend of partying whilst still remaining sharp enough for the streets. 

Take a trip with us through dance music's analogue past straight through to a digital present. And together with our garbs and cool, collectable accessories we can celebrate the whole history of the electronic dance music scene.  

Don't blend in. Stand out. 

Andy & Craig.

Double Good Garments®

Double Double Good tee

Double Good Pleasures

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